sprynetSPRYNET (CompuServe)
Seattle, Washington

After selling Ask-Multimedia I joined the Internet revolution as Director of Online Services for SPRYNET, one of the first national Internet Service Providers. I was initially hired to be the Senior Product Manager for Internet-In-A-Box, but it soon became apparent after joining the company that the business model was not going to be software, but the Internet itself. Leveraging CompuServe’s Point-of-Presence (POP) network, we conceived, designed, built and launched SPRYNET in just eight weeks. Later that year CompuServe went public touting SPRYNET as one of its most promising new assets.



The business model was simple: be the on-ramp to the information super highway. We pioneered lots of firsts for the Internet: (1) unlimited, all-you-can-eat Internet for one set monthly price (2) multiple email accounts (3) personalized home page (4) communities of interest (5) multiple search engines and browsers. SPRYNET quickly became one of the most popular ISPs in the country and was named Best ISP by PC Magazine.