promersbergerThe Promersberger Company
Fargo, North Dakota

I met Ken and Jan Promersberger at the National Innovation Workshop. They were impressed with the event and convinced me my true calling was the marketing and advertising business. They owned a successful ad agency in Fargo, North Dakota and were looking for a new account executive. I had just gotten married with a baby on the way, so the money sounded good — about double my university salary. With Bruce Gjovig’s blessing, I left the Center at UND and accepted the new job. My only condition was that I be allowed to continue to incubate Ask-Me Multimedia. They agreed and even offered to invest the agency’s creative resources to help with the branding and collateral materials.


Marketing Today

One of the challenges in building the ad agency was a lack of understanding and appreciation of marketing in the plains states. Many businesses simply thought marketing was a luxury. The ad budget was the first thing they cut when business was bad. To counter this notion we teamed up with the state of North Dakota Economic Development Commission and created a full-day workshop. I was given the tasks of writing the workbook, then organizing, promoting and facilitating nine workshops in cities around the state. The strategy worked! Every workshop was sold out and the Promersberger Company was able to attract new clients. I sold and managed a number of accounts during my tenure, including the campaign strategy and materials for a candidate running for State Agriculture Commissioner.

Ask-Me Multimedia Promo

True to their word, the Promersberger’s developed award-winning software packaging and collateral materials for Ask-Me Multimedia. The company was ready to leave the nest, so with the blessing of the Promersberger’s, I ventured out on my own once again and set up shop in the basement of their building.