Data Technologies
Virginia Beach, Virginia

After being in the non-profit world for two years, I was anxious to spread my wings and try the for-profit world. The brother-in-law of a fraternity brother was working on a concept for a high-speed electronic publishing service bureau. It sounded awesome to me. I was enticed to join the founding team, motivated by visions of riches and entrepreneurial success. It was one of the first high speed printing service bureaus in the country, primarily designed to generate direct mail and other printing applications faster and more economically than traditional offset printing.


Demonstrating one of the Electronic Publishing Center stations at the grand opening.

The EPC was a great idea, very timely, but the execution was poor. It was my first venture and taught me how not to pick your partners and start a company. We managed to attract venture financing and were immediately merged with one of the VC’s other portfolio companies. That was the beginning of the end. But as they say, you learn more from your failures than your successes, so from that perspective it was a good learning experience.