“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” ~Herbert Spence

College degree programs have not been a huge achievement for me, but ongoing education has been one of the hallmarks of my life. I prefer to learn by doing…by creating. The best of my formal education came from the school play yards and the university environment itself. It is those experiences that online education can never replace. What one does with one’s “life education” is the highest degree of all, in my humble opinion.

fiThe Founder Institute

Starting and Growing a Tech Company

Intensive 16-week semester that culminates in building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), incorporating a company, and pitching to investors. This education cost me $100,000 — more than most people spend to obtain a four year degree.

stanford-e1443269373952Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Executive Management Program for Growing Companies
Certificate of Completion

Intensive two-week program focusing on corporate strategy, finance, valuation methodologies, corporate culture, organizational dynamics, global growth accelerators, IT, customer relationship management, negotiation, executive compensation, performance measurement, and general management. Case studies included eBay, Starbucks, Schwab, Salesforce.com, Logitech, Samsung and JetBlue. High quality interaction with faculty and executives of growing companies from 30 countries. Also not inexpensive, about $20,000 — $3,333 per day of instruction.

uf-logo-e1443269562687University of Florida

B.A., Liberal Arts (pending 4 credits)
President, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

Only one Spanish class away from receiving my B.A. degree. It just never seemed that important. I’ll probably wait until I’m 83 so i can officially be the oldest graduate of the University of Florida. Go Gators! Best education I ever received for the money. I think my two-year tab was a whopping $5,000, including room and board, and I had to work three part-time jobs to pay for it. Nothing makes you appreciate your education more than having to pay for it yourself.


fsu-e1443275938299Florida State University
Certificate of Completion, Public Administration
Live-in Chapter Advisor/House Father, Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity

I left U.F. before receiving my degree for two reasons. First, I flunked Spanish my last semester, which I needed to earn my degree and could not afford to stay around another semester to complete the class. I was putting myself through college. The real world was waiting and I was anxious to start making money. Second, anticipating I would graduate on schedule I had applied to The Governor’s Citizen Assistance Program at the state capitol. Lo and behold they accepted me, contingent on completing my degree at FSU. Working for Bob Graham and the State Senate was a blast. Class wasn’t, so you can guess what happened.

efsc-e1443269715547Eastern Florida State College
(formerly Brevard Community College)
President of Student Council and Rotaract Club

I really enjoyed my two years at BCC. At the time I was finishing out my term as State President of Cooperative Education Clubs of Florida. That was an amazing educational experience melding class room learning, occupational guidance and career development. It was this experience that set me on the path of entrepreneurship.