Mike ODonnellMike O’Donnell here, thank you for stopping by. I’m pleased to present my professional credentials and body of work. My career is a composite of the people who have influenced me, the places I have lived and worked, the products I have helped to build and launch, and the problems I have been instrumental in solving.

My professional journey has taken me from the beaches of Florida, to university towns, up and down the eastern seaboard, the great plains, and the entire west coast. Travels for work have also taken me to the majestic cities of Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. I have loved every place I have lived, worked and traveled. The pictures that rotate at the top of each page are places I have lived and worked.

The people I have had the privilege of working with have defined me more than anything else. Most of them would say I am an entrepreneur. Some of them would say I am a trusted coach and confidant. I like to think of my self as a catalyst and doer. I see problems and try to assemble the right resources to solve them. I love to help create and fund innovative new products and the organizations necessary to support them. I try to bring about positive change and make life better for people. Most importantly, I try to add value and create new wealth for myself and my clients.

I am licensed as an M&A Intermediary with VR Business Brokers, putting my 30+ years of experience and connections to work for other entrepreneurs and their investors. I know a lot about starting, funding, buying and selling businesses. Working with people to start or buy their dream business — and to exit successfully when ready — is my passion and life’s work.